Red Rabbit
Contact: Mary Kate Doerres
Address: 623 Larrick Lane Chillicothe, , 45601
Email Address:
Phone: 740-773-1023
About Us
Hi, I'm Mary Kate Doerres and I began controlling the amount of sugar in my baking when my children were young wanting a healthier choice.
With whole ingredients, spices, and zests the taste was great, the sugar not missed. So after being told by family and friends many times,"you could sell this," I did.
Ten years ago I started Red Rabbit home produced products, that are lighter and healthier than traditional and processed baked goods. Most of my products contain 20-75% less sugar. I use no-sugar added applesauce in place of oil, no-sugar added almond milk in place of heavy cream, and a pinch more of spices and zests. I also try to use local and in-season produce when available.
Thank you for ordering a Red Rabbit product. If you have any special direction for an item, or question, please feel free to call by noon on Friday: 740.773.1023. Leave your name and number please. Or you can text 740.637.3714: again, name/number. The text number will not take verbal messages.
If you've had an item before not on my list, call/text and I'll make it happen. I enjoy the friendship of the vendors and seeing customers every Saturday with sincere hello greetings. I am honored to have my baked goods served in your home, and will continue to bake quality products.
Thank you all so much, have a great week, and see you Saturday at the market.~Mary Kate