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To order for pick-up other than Saturday or to be shipped please visit my website! (It is a work in progress, please bear with me as I work out any issues!)

A small, locally owned artisan soap and body product business that offers a variety of quality, personally formulated, hand-made products. Each and every order is made, packaged, and delivered or shipped by our hands. We start with only quality ingredients to deliver a quality end product while working in small batches and following our tried-and-true formulations. Our recipes are all personally formulated after researching each and every ingredient, creating end products that have brought customers back time and time again over the course of many years. We hope you will give our artisan soaps a try, and don't forget they make perfect gifts, especially since we have over 50 scents to choose from. Don't see a scent you want? While we do our best to keep a wide variety in stock, we do not stock all the scents we have available at all times! Please feel free to email us at to discuss a custom order.

We are proud to have been vendors for the Chillicothe Farmer's Market for multiple years and look forward to many more! We have also shipped our products from Maine to Texas to California and anywhere in-between, often as holiday or birthday gifts from family who live in another state.

We are currently only offering our artisan soap for online ordering, but look to offer a full variety of our products (bath bombs, eyelash serum, lotion, shampoo/conditioner, and more) on the website in the very near future. We also have some exciting new formulas being worked on that will likely be released in early spring, all of which have been decided on thanks to customer requests from our beloved community! Follow our Facebook ( page and check back weekly for updates and availability on our full line of products.

**Please note - our family is expanding! Sarah is due with a baby boy with an estimated arrival of December 28, 2020. I'm sure we all know that due dates are rarely followed (nobody ever thinks to give the baby a calendar!) so he will arrive when he decides it is time. We will do our best to provide everything we can clear up until due date, but on the event he comes early or any complications arise we may have to close our doors for a few weeks and/or unexpectedly. Custom soap orders are a minimum turn-around time of 7 weeks, possibly longer, and we will stop all production for at least 2 weeks following his arrival, so get all those orders in ASAP!