Owls Nest Garden
Contact: Adrianne Roach
Address: 550 Gleason Rd Piketon, OH, 45661
Email Address:
Phone: 740-518-5432
About Us

Specializing in flowers and herbs, we are a no-till and low-till flower farm located in Piketon, OH. We farm using organic methods that protect and improve the soil and surrounding environment. We like to think we farm our soil first, crops second. And we can't argue with the results! our flowers last and last and last. Our herbs and greens are packed with flavor and nutrients. We pride ourselves in bringing the freshest products to the farm to your table within 48 hours of harvest.

We employ no-till and low-till farming using organic fertilizers, and OMRI approved amendments when needed. Whenever possible, we purchase certified organic seeds and we never use GMO seeds.